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ACTRA Maritimes Blog News & Information for Members
Adams, CJ Wacky Musings of a Mad VoiceBoy
Adventures in Voice Acting An official blog dedicated to "Adventures in Voice Acting" and all things voice actor related.
Alburger, James & Abshire, Penny VoiceActing News and Information Blog
Anthony, Matt MattMultiMedia
Audiobook Voice Talent Blog Audiobook Voice Talent Blog
Babble-On Studios Babble-Blog
Bainbridge, Alan Vox Junction
Banks, Phillip Banks Blog
Beam, Bobbin Bobbin Beam
Berkley, Susan Susan Berkley's Blog
Bishop, Jason BishopVoice
Blair, Lance Lance Blair's Atlanta Voiceovers
Boyns, Andy Andy Boyns, British Voiceover
Brick, Scott Scott Brick Presents (on audiobook narrating)
Business Voice Talent Blog Business Voice Talent Blog
Capo, Fran Fran's World...And welcome to it!
Cartoon Brew Brewmasters Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi lead "the animated conversation"
Cartoon Voice Talent Blog Cartoon Voice Talent Blog
Cashman, Marc Ask The Voice Cat (
Casting Voices Pick up tips on how to pick the perfect voice for your project and read about the latest in voice casting news from Hollywood and around the world.
Chan, Joseph News: Joesph Chan
Chappell, Derek The Voice Of Your Business
Ciccarelli, Stephanie VOX Daily (
Clark, Caryn The VoiceChick's Blog
Clarke, Emma Blogs and Podcasts
Commins, Karen A Voice Above The Crowd
Cooper, Mike Gobs on Sticks
Courvoisier, Dave CourVO's Voice-Over Blog: Voice-Acting in Vegas
Cowlrick, Matt I Made This Out of Cardboard
Cox, Brian Hey, Get off my Lawn.
Creighton, Adam Ramblings
Crumpton, Craig Voice Actors in the News
Crutcher, Paul P.W.O.F.S
Curran, Mairead Voice Your Way
Daniel, Terry Terry Daniel Blogs
Davis, Ken Ken Davis Blog
db Talent db Talent blog
De Andrea, Dave ...being of sound mind.
de Nesnera, Liz A Frog in My Throat ... or ... Un Chat Dans La Gorge!
Delaney, Kevin The Voiceover Ninja
Detrick-Clark, Dana SVM 100% Organic Podcasts!
Dheere, Tom The Rognog Blog
Eder, Chris Broadcast This!
Edoga, Miata Abundance Bound
Edwards, Kara The Voices in Her Head
Elder, Bill Bill Elder's Blog
Everything Acting Podcast Everything Acting Podcast's Blog
Flowers, Michael Michael's Voice Tips
Fraser, Bob The Show Biz Blog
Friedman, Dan Voice over from an audio engineer's perspective
Gallant, Maggie Maggie Gallant's Blog
Gates, Rich Rich Gates Blog
Gilbert, J.S J.S. Gilbert's Blog
Gormon, Rowell Rowell Gormon's Clogged Blog
Graham, Lyssa Lyssa Graham's Blog
Gray, Stu The Creative Mouthpiece
Harper, Ron Ron Harper Voiceovers
Harper, Ron Voiceover Blog
Hart, Brian Let's Talk Imaging, Voice Over, Life.
Harthen, Eric News from the world of Voice-Over Man!
Hass, Ralph Has The VOice...On and Off the Ice
Haymond, Brian Behind the Mic
Haynes, Melanie Voice Over Studio
Hedgepeth, Carl Where's Carl?
Henderson, Kris Kris Henderson's Blog
Henderson, Wayne Wayne Henderson Media Voice-Overs
Hirschman, Elie Rhymes, Reasonings and Ruminations from beyond normal
HOLA Blog Say Hello to HOLA, the official blog of the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors.
Houser, Gregory A man, a martini, and a lot of microphones.
Houston, David Do That Voice!
Hurst, Dan VoiceMagic
Internet Voice Talent Blog Internet Voice Talent Blog
Jacobs, Jeremy Jeremy Jacobs British VO Blog
Kafer, Jeffrey Voice Blog
Kaiser, Justin Justin Kaiser and Associates
Keesling, Kathleen "Kat" KatsVoice Purrs 'n Roars
Kelly, Kurt Kurt Kelly's Blog
Kingsley, Bob Somerset Bob's Place
Klitzke, Hugh P. Voiceover For The Actor
Larson, Scott Life 101
Lawrence XVII, David H. "An actor, finding success on his own terms and on his own schedule"
Lenard, Dan Master VO (
Lintonbon, Stefania Stefania Lintonbon's blog
Lit Between The Ears Radio drama voice acting
Littlefield, Greg Gregsblog
Lorenz, James Not Just Voiceover
Lowell, Steven Inside the Voice123 Casting Machine
Lyons , Stephen Stephen Lyon's Blog
Maritinesu, Maku Jiyan "be different, be yourself" blog focusses on anime news and comments
McCrae, Jerry BigMouthStudio
McKitrick, Mary C. MCM Voices Voiceover Blog
Mendez, Anthony The Lazy Voice Over Blog
Minetree, Michael MineWurx Studio
Movie Trailer Voice Blog Movie Trailer Voice Blog
Munro, Deb Mic n Me Blog
O'Connell, Peter voxmarketising
O'Day, Dan Dan O'Day Talks About Radio
O'Neal, Alex Voice Over Blog
O'Shea, Rory IMedge Communications Blog
Perkins, Jamee T. Blog It Till You Make It
Phillips, Doc Doc Phillips Blog
Phillips, Mitch Mitch Phillips Voiceover Blog
Phone Voice Talent Blog Phone Voice Talent Blog
Podcast Power Quarter Hour Podcast Power Quarter Hour
Podcasting Voice Talent Blog Podcasting Voice Talent Blog
PPQH: Off The Clock PPQH: Off The Clock
Pryce, Bill Life in the World of Voice Over
Radio Commercial Voice Talent Blog Radio Commercial Voice Talent Blog
Radtke, David Voice Actor's Notebook
Rankins, Michael The Mic Guy
Readdean, Kevin VO Meter
Reed, Donna Donna Reed Voice Talent Blog
Reid, Rick Rick Reid's Voice Acting Highlighter
Reiss, Lindsay The Voice of an Artist
Rodriguez, Joe The Voiceover Thespian
Saco, Nikki Soft Lips Productions
Shepherd, Wayne Adventures in Audio
Sheppard, Eric The Voice Talent Productions Blog
Singer, Elaine Elaine Singer Sounds Great
Snively, Amy Amy Snively's Blog
Some Audio Guy The Ramblings of Some Audio Guy
Souer, Bob The Voiceover Boblog
Spear, William Lit Between the Ears
Stefano, Paul "The Long Game" - voice over career advice
Strikwerda, Paul Double Dutch - Ponderings of a Pennsylvanian Voice-Over Pro
Stuber, Michael Uberblend Blog
Such A Voice Such A Voice Blog
Sun Spots Sun Spot Productions Blog
Swanson, Joshua Actor, Voice Talent & Host Joshua Swanson
Szymanski, Joe Joe Szymanski's Blog
Temple, Dave The Voice
Terzza, Gary Gary Terzza's Voice-Over Blog UK
Tolces, Tom About Tom Tolces Voice Imaging
TV Commercial Voice Talent Blog TV Commercial Voice Talent Blog
Venable, Brad Brad Venable's Blog
Verner, Adam Voice Over Blog Monkey
Video Game Voice Talent Blog Video Game Voice Talent Blog
VO Planet Blog VO Planet Blog
Voice Actors in the News Specializing in entertainment news for voice actor enthusiasts and professionals.
Voice Coaches Voice Over Blog Voice over features and videos
Voice Over Times Voice Over Times
Voice123 Voice123 Team Blog
Voiceover Canada Voiceover Canada
Voiceover Experts Podcast Blog Voiceover Experts Podcast Blog
Voiceover Training Blog Voiceover Training Blog
Voiceover Universe Blog Voiceover Universe Blog
VoiceRegistry Blog VoiceRegistry Blog
VOMICTest Mic test updates, as a supplement to Willie Edwards' VO Mic Test web site (
Vox Daily Blog Vox Daily Blog
VOX Latino Spanish translations of selected VOX Daily ( blogs, translated by Pablo Hernandez
Vox Talk Vox Talk
Whittam, George ERS What's New in VO Tech.
Zoller, Bettye VoicesVoices-Bettye Zoller blog
Zurek Blog Zurek VO Blog
On Michael Langsner's Voice-Over Roadmap Podcast
Inspiring interviews help your VO career
Scoop up this money-making advice from John Melley...