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Forums & Social Networking
Facebook Social networking site with scores of voice-over related groups - many with niche (and commercial) interests
GameVoices Networking site for voice talents and others involved with gaming; produced in the UK by John Armstrong
Google Group for Voice Actors For professional, working, dedicated, career-minded voice actors who like to share info with their peers. Preferred are members with their own private studio and a high degree of social networking skills.
LinkedIn Social networking site with focus on business relationships. Check several groups here
The Good Karma Network (GKN) An entertainment industry support group "to help each other succeed professionally and personally." Members include actors, models, voice talent, production crews, casting directors and talent agents based in Northern New Jersey and New York.
the voiceover bulletin board (vo-bb) Voice talent D.B. Cooper is "Board Czar" ... presiding over a live chat room and forums offering general chat, tech stuff, how-to and critiques.
Twitter Group: Voice Actors For professional, working, dedicated, career-minded voice actors. This group is for voice artists who are committed to their craft, like to share with their peers, and help others. Prefer members with their own private studio, and a high degree of social networking skills.
Twitter Voiceover Twibe Meet and work with creative people that provide off-camera commentary for radio, TV, film and/or presentation.
Voice Acting Alliance Forums on voice acting, including auditions and casting, chat, recruitment for projects and more. Forum Spearheaded by voice talent and coach Julie Williams ... More than two dozen forums, ranging from newbies to home studio. paid job postings, "Ask the Experts", product reviews and more.
Voice123 Premium Forums A multi-section forum for Premium members of the Voice123 online voice-over marketplace.
Voiceover Universe (Formerly named "I Rock The Mic VO") The brainchild of Miami-based voice actor Rick Party, this high-energy social networking site is exclusively for voice actors, offering profiles, demo uploads, forum threads, chats, news and more.
VoiceOverHispano Social media site for Hispanic voice talent founded by Carlos Estanga, using format of Voice Over Universe.
Yahoogroups Voiceover Forum A message board that delivers direct to your email address, with questions and helpful answers for all levels of voice-over experience.
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