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News: Events (Industry & Training)
7/24/2017: Learn About VO Video Demos Tonight With The Vizzie Demo Guys On 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
7/17/2017: Keep Pace With Multi-Talented, Multi-Focused VO Kay Bess Tonight On The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
7/10/2017: 'Voiceover Doctor' Bill Holmes Teaches How To Cure Your Own VO Problems - Tonight On 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
6/26/2017: Get A Better View Of Your VO Biz Tonight - Joe Davis Tells How On Voice Over Body Shop Webcast
6/19/2017: If You're Intimidated By VO Studio Technology, Tonight's 'Voice Over Body Shop' Roundtable Sets You Straight
6/12/2017: Tonight's Voice Over Body Shop Webcast Reveals Why You Should Not Be Camera Shy
6/5/2017: The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast Updates Its Own Tech, And Welcomes VO Promo Guest J.J. Jurgens
5/22/2017: We're Animated Tonight On VOBS Webcast With Casting Director Sara Jane Sherman
5/15/2017: Laugh Tonight With Guest Co-Host Lori Alan! And Learn Promos From Promo Star Rick Wasserman
5/8/2017: Sounds Like Special Agent Dotty Or Susie Sunshine - Wait! It's Amber Hood On 'Voice Over Body Shop' Tonight!
5/2/2017: The Audiobook Narrator's Survival-Fun Guide To APAC-Audies Week In New York City, by Tom Dheere
5/1/2017: It's Goofy Fun Tonight With Animation VO Bill Farmer On The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
4/24/2017: Tonight Is Bilingual Night On The 'VOBS' Webcast, With Voice Over Guest Sylvia Villagran
4/17/2017: Tonight On The Voice Over Body Shop - From Characters to Commercials To Audiobooks, Chat With Amy Rubinate
Peaceful Easter
Happy Passover!
4/3/2017: Tonight - 'The VO Meter' Podcast Creators Visit The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
3/27/2017: Tonight's Voice Over Body Shop Guest - Kim Handysides, On Rates, International Biz And E-Learning
3/20/2017: Tonight - Celebrate 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast's 6th Anniversary With Fun, Guests & Surprises
3/13/2017: Madcap Highlights Of The VO Atlanta Conference Will Rock Tonight's 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
3/6/2017: Talk With 'Jane The Virgin's Latin Lover Voice - Anthony Mendez - Tonight On VOBS Webcast
2/27/2017: Voice Over Remote Recording - Tips Tonight With Source Element's Robert Marshall And Rebekah Wilson
2/20/2017: Learn From 'Both Sides Of The Glass' Tonight With Dave Walsh On The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
2/13/2017: Tonight's 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast - Learn The Booming VO Video Game Biz With Guest Producer Chris Borders
2/6/2017: Tonight's 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast - Discuss 'Stand Out' Marketing Strategies With Guest Celia Siegel
1/30/2017: Tonight On The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast - Kristine Oller Shares How To Change Your Voice Over Biz Strategy
1/23/2017: Tonight's 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast - The Future of Remote Studio-to-Studio Recording, With ipDTL Creator Keven Leach
1/16/2017: They're Baaaack! Tonight's Open Forum 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast Features 'The Voice Over Cafe' Podcast Gang
12/19/2016: Tonight - Broaden Your Voice Over Performance Range With Scott Parkin On VOBS Webcast
12/12/2016: Tonight - Work On Auditions With Booth Director Everett Oliver, On 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
12/5/2016: Tonight - Vocal Health And Performance Highlight The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
11/28/2016: Tonight - The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast Makes Tracks To Voice Tracks West Studio in L.A.
11/21/2016: Jump Into The soundBox:LA - Tonight On The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
11/14/2016: Tonight's 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast Journeys To Dave and Dave Recording Studios
11/7/2016: The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast's L.A. 'Studio Month' Tour Begins Tonight At Marc Graue Studios
10/26/2016: Apply By November 11 For One Of Three Scholarships To VO Atlanta 2017 Conference
10/24/2016: Audio Masters Roundtable Takes Your Questions Tonight On 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
10/18/2016: Events - This November Is Hottest Month Ever For Voice Over Conferences: Here's Your Quick Guide
10/17/2016: Bilingual, 'Urban Hip' VO Star Sylvia Villagran Talks About Career And 'This Nutty Business' - Tonight's 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
10/10/2016: Tonight On The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast: Randy Thomas On Mastering Your VO Career
10/6/2016: See And Congratulate Nominees in 3rd Annual Voice Arts Awards Competition
9/26/2016: Talk Animation & Gaming Tonight With Brian Sommer On 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
9/19/2016: Enjoy VO Legend Harlan Hogan & A 'DAWVIEW 2016' Tonight On The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
9/12/2016: Christi Bowen Shares How To Work With Video Producers - Tonight On The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
8/29/2016: Multi-Talented David H. Lawrence XVII - Actor, VO, Coach, App Developer - Tonight On 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
8/22/2016: Motion Capture Technology - What's That Got To Do With You? See ' Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast Tonight
8/15/2016: VO-BS Tonight: What's It REALLY Like To Live And Work The VO Biz In L.A.?
8/12/2016: Muhammad Ali And Challenge To 'Do Great Things' Will Be Honored At Voice Arts® Awards Gala
8/8/2016: bodalgo's Armin Hierstetter Is Tonight's 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast Guest. Have Questions? Send Them NOW!
8/1/2016: 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast Returns Tonight With Top Commercial VO Nicole Fazio
6/27/2016: Have You Got The Chops For VO Promos? Learn From 'Voice Over Body Shop' Guest Joyce Castellanos - Tonight!
6/20/2016: If You Care About Your Vocal Health, Watch Tonight's 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast - And Ask Questions!
6/20/2016: The UK's VOX 2016 Conference June 25 - Education, Networking, Entertainment And Awards
6/13/2016: Liz - What Makes You So Successful? Tonight's Guest On 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast - Liz de Nesnera
6/12/2016: Woops! Voice Over Body Shop Is MONDAY Night - Earlier Article Went Out Too Soon
6/6/2016: No Topic Off Limits Tonight With Kiff VandenHeuvel - Actor, Voice Talent, Podcaster - On 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
5/23/2016: Casting, Auditioning & Tech Talk Tonight With Juan Carlos Bagnell On 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
5/16/2016: To Narrate Audiobooks - Or Not? Johnny Heller Answers On Tonight's 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
5/9/2016: VoiceOverXtra's John Florian Is Tonight's Guest On The Voice Over Body Shop Webcast
5/4/2016: E-Spano Debuts: Agency For Spanish Voice Talent Specializing In E-Learning Projects
5/2/2016: YOU Are Tonight's Featured Guest! Join The Voice Over Body Shop's Fan Roundtable
4/25/2016: Vroom! Rev Up Your VO Marketing: Kelley Buttrick Rides Tonight On VO-BS Webcast
4/17/2016: Tonight - Yes, Sunday! - Voice Over Body Shop Originates At WoVOCon Conference In Las Vegas
4/11/2016: See How Anime Vocal Director Crispin Freeman Works - Tonight On The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
4/4/2016: Bring Your Voice Over Characters To Tonight's 'Voice Over Body Shop' With Guest MJ Lallo
4/1/2016: Chicago To Host APAC & Audies Gala In Early May - Discount Registration Deadline Is April 6
3/28/2016: 'Queen Of Cartoons' Debi Derryberry Talks Animation VO Tonight On 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
3/21/2016: Tonight on Voice Over Body Shop Webcast: Peter K. O'Connell Talks Marketing, Marketing
3/7/2016: See Jack FM Announcer-Voice Actor Howard Cogan Tonight On The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
3/6/2016: 'VO Atlanta 2016' Elevates Voice Actors - And Itself - In Excellent 4th Conference, by John Florian
3/2/2016: LIVE STREAM From VO Atlanta 2016 Brings Huge Conference To Your Home
2/29/2016: Young Voice Actors Are Focus On Tonight's Voice Over Body Shop Webcast, With Guest Hope Levy
2/22/2016: Rising VO Star Mara Junot Joins 'The Guys' Tonight On 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
2/16/2016: Big 'VO ATLANTA 2016' Conference Starts March 3, The Year's Major Voice Over Event
2/15/2016: What Do You Want To Learn About Voice Over Marketing? Ask Tom Dheere Tonight On VO-BS Webast
2/8/2016: Advance Your Voice Acting Techniques On Tonight's 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
2/1/2016: Tonight On The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast - VO Education & Trends With David Goldberg
1/25/2016: Tonight On The Voice Over Body Shop: What Will We Learn From Jon Baily? Plenty!
1/19/2016: Enjoy Fun & Prizes In Studio Audience Saturday At Live Taping Of 'VO Buzz Weekly's 200th Show
1/18/2016: Tonight On The Voice Over Body Shop Webcast: Legal Expert Atty/VO/Actor Rob Sciglimpaglia
1/11/2016: Tonight On The Voice Over Body Shop (VO-BS) - Top Hollywood Voice Casters & Coaches Roundtable
12/28/2015: Tonight On The "Voice Over Body Shop" Webcast - Will Dan Lenard Plunge The Show Into Chaos?
12/21/2015: Stew Herrera - Radio & TV Promo Voice Star - Is Tonight's Special Guest on 'Voice Over Body Shop'
12/14/2015: Your Audio Questions Answered Tonight On VO-BS Audio Masters Roundtable
12/7/2015: Meet Voice Actor - Actor Fred Melamed! Tonight's Guest on 'Voice Over Body Shop'
11/30/2015: Tonight - Video Game Casting & Voice Director Andrea Toyias Is VO-BS Special Guest
11/23/2015: Tonight - Terri Apple is Interview Guest On Voice Over Body Shop (VO-BS) Webcast - Starts At 9 pm ET
11/9/2015 - Tonight, Voice Actor-Solopreneur-Author Maxine Dunn Is 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast Special Guest
11/2/2015: Tonight - Voice Over Body Shop TV Show Features Guest Adam Harrington & More
10/26/2015 - Tonight - "Voice Over Body Shop" (VO-BS) Internet TV Show Probes: What's On Dave Fennoy's Mind?
9/21/2015: Tonight - Voice Over Body Shop (VO-BS) Guest Is VO Superstar Rick Wasserman
5/27/2015: World-Voices Organization Launches Pro Member Directory For Voice Seekers
April 24, 2015: 'VOICES REMEMBER' - An Intimate Musical Cabaret May 11 In A Penthouse On Central Park South
11/21/2014: Making Kids In Hospitals Happy: 12th Annual 'Holiday Magic' CD ... Fundraiser Dinner Dec. 14
9/4/2014: Spanish Voice Overs Category Opens for Voice Arts™ Awards; Enter By Sept. 7
9/2/2014: VOICE 2014 Sends Us Home To Excel At VO; Joan Baker Receives 2014 Community Award
8/29/2014: VOICE 2014 Entertains, Educates & Enlivens Voice Actors As Anaheim Convention Opens, by John Florian
8/22/2014: Packing Now For VOICE 2014 Convention - Still Time To Register For Learning & Fun
7/30/2014: To Grow Professionally, We Need Each Other - Network, Learn & Play At VOICE 2014 Convention, by Penny Abshire
4/14/2014: VOICE 2014 - Where Voice Over Careers, Business And Friendships Start And Grow, by James Alburger and Penny Abshire
2/28/2014: VOICE 2014 In Anaheim August 27-30 - Largest VO Industry Event For Education, Networking, Fun
10/7/2013: VOICE 2014 Returns To Disneyland Im August - New Hotel, 'More Powerful Sessions'
12/3/2012: Good-Bye New York Voice Over Mixer - You Left With A Blast Saturday Night, by John Florian
7/22/2012 - The New Orleans Voice Talent Foundation - Growing, Vibrant, Hosting Aug. 18-19 Annual Seminar
Voice 2012 - Day 5: Bob Bergen Wins VOICE Community Award; Wanted - 'Voice Actor Who Is A Good Mime,' by John Florian
Voice 2012 - Day 3 & 4: Shows At The Show, Friday's Garden Party With Joe, by John Florian
Voice 2012 - Day 2: Voice Acting Takes Center Stage, by John Florian
Voice 2012 - Day 1: Red Carpet Reception Opens VOICE 2012, by John Florian
6/3/2012 - VOICE 2012: Are You Bloggin'? Send Your Link For The VoiceOverXtra Blogroll, by John Florian
12/4/2011 - Oh What A Night - In New York, The 2011 Voice Over Mixer Dazzles, by John Florian
10/14/2011 - Audiobook Narrator: Advance Career Oct. 22 At Johnny Heller's NYC Workshop
9/30/2011 - VOICE 2012 International Convention Heads To Disneyland June 13-16, 2012
8/14/2011 - Develop Your Voice Over Social Media Action Plans This Week
At Dan Lenard's April 25 'Mic Choice/Test' Webinar, Drawing For $400 Mic/Gear Purchase Credit
2/28/2011 - FaffCon2 Was Non-Stop UNweekend Of Voice Over Learning & Networking, by John Florian
Animation Workshop Video From 'Tooned In' Stevie Vallance ... Cool !!
Joe Cipriano and Valerie Smaldone Recall Early Voice Over Gigs, As Careers Start
Demos: Get 'Em Lighting Fireworks ... Ignite With June 30 Bettye Zoller Webinar
6/6/2010 - VOICE 2010 Conference Ends With Rousing Celebrity Banquet
6/3/2010 - VOICE 2010 Opens With Red Carpet Welcome To 3rd International Gathering Of Voice Actors, by John Florian
VOICE 2010 - What's Happening NOW? Round-the-Clock Coverage from VoiceOverXtra ...
Is Your Website Really Bringing You Business? How To Check & Fix It ...
Unique As A Fingerprint ... Grab The Ear With Your Money Voice, by Bettye Zoller
12/8/09 - Voice-Over Recording & Editing Webinar - Dec. 15 ... Learn Software, Tips & Techniques
11/7/09 - VoiceOverXtra Introduces Webinars ... #1: Business Of Voice Overs, Nov. 19
8/29/09 - Are You A Match For The Voice Match/ADR Niche? Learn At 'Voice Match Masters Event' Sept. 26
8/5/09 - Voice Over Is Changing: Learn The New Biz Model, Animation & Audiobooks With Bettye Zoller
7/31/09 - Joan Baker & Celebrities Rocked The Stage In New York For Voice Over Success (With Photo Review)
7/15/09 - Feeling A Financial Squeeze? Get Relief With Free Advice On July 21 TeleSeminar/Webcast
7/12/09 - Give Voice To Those Crazies In Your Head - Bettye Zoller Teaches How, Sept. 5-6 in Dallas
6/10/09 - 'VOICE 2010' Dates & Location Announced: June 2-5, Century Plaza Hyatt in Los Angeles
4/14/09 - Audiobook's 'Performing Royalty' Will Teach Reading Skills May 9 in LA Event
2/27/09 - Pump Up VO Skills With Deb Munro's TeleVoice Workouts - From Her Studio To Your Home
2/17/09 - Auditioning Techniques: Learn From Masters At Pat Fraley's San Francisco Workshop, Mar. 7
12/8/08 - New York VO Mixer Draws Nearly 300 Voice Actors to Networking (And Fun) At Its Best
8/10/08 - Voice 2008 Report: Sunday, Aug. 10
8/11/08 - Voice 2008 Report: Monday, Aug. 11
8/9/08 - Voice 2008 Report: Saturday, Aug. 9
8/7/08 - Voice 2008 Report: Thursday, Aug. 7
8/8/08 - Voice 2008 Report: Friday, Aug. 8
8/7/08 - Voice 2008: Red Carpet Networking Reception Photos
8/4/08 - Xtra, Xtra! Enjoy Daily Reports Fom Voice 2008, Aug. 7-11, On VoiceOverXtra!
5/16/08 - Three Questions (Actually, More) To Three VO Industry Greats
3/25/08 - VOICE 2008 Conference, Aug. 8-11, Adds Presenters & Sets Schedule
Inspiring interviews help your VO career
Terry Daniel and gang - lotsa info and laughs!
Scoop up this money-making advice from John Melley...